From it's very beginnings Street Bid'Naz has been up and coming. But in the last year or so it has become a valued organization to Howard University and the community at large. And the best has yet to come. Empty promises are given to our youth more than we can count. But our promises to uplift, motivate and educate our young brothers and sisters will not go undone. Along with the help of Howard students the year of 2010- 2011 is the year of ACTION. We PLAN to have programs, panels as well as concerts to educate our youth about themselves as well as their culture. We WANT to inspire their spirits and encourage them to reach and make their dreams real. We NEED instill morals and ethics that can not be found from their local dealer. We WILL show our youth that their is more than the streets and what they have learn can only help them in attaining their goals. Not only are we here to educate but we are also a friend; a shoulder to cry on and ear to listen. Street Bid'Naz is the refuge of the youth of our community! Join the Movement!